AYC Junior Week

Friday, June 24, 2005

sunfish and lasers just hangin' around

eleanor following close behind collin

eleanor,dannielle, and phillip all about to collide

420's trying to speed up

another friend collides into eleanor

just before skit night

eleanor in the boat called-matt-son line

opti sailors

lasers heading around a mark w/ tarrant in the lead!

420 race

tarrant is stealing heath's wind and gliding ahead in a race

tarrant makes sure is sail is smooth in high winds

tarrant's skit wins on skit night!!!

elliot's skit on skit night...very funny skit in my opinion....

sam,elliot and kevin sailin

elliot looks confuzed while a picture is taken


lasers having a race

elliot tacking a sunfish

elliot,anna, and JR sailing in sunfish

elliot sits on the low side of his boat to increase speed

elliot holds out his boom to avoide banging his head on it really hard

uper intermediete sailors in lasers

tarrant sailing in a laser

eleanor dicides to rest in her opti

tarrant on skit night

skit night-tarrant's skit w/ friends

elliot naps in his sunfish

a laser race

elliot takes a nap while waiting for the wind to pick up

heath and tarrant collide while rounding a mark

eleanor, collin, and kevin freak out when the are forced to eat a worm on fear factor night

eleanor gets bored when there is no wind

'guardian or the foam'

beach party night

everyone covered in shaving cream at the beach party

tarrant paddles in a laser

elliot helps get a 420 out of the water

trey duck taped to a wall on fear factor night

people on the commite boat watches sunfish sailors

boats all packed up after a big storm

some sailor chillin' on the dock

hunter marks falls off the dock into the water and nobody can stop laughing.

pretty clouds

tarrant takes off the rudder of his 420

anna smiles for the camera on her sunfish

tarrant chillin' w/ friends at the pavillion

tarrant rigging sunfish

elliot in sunfish looking the wrong way.

hunter grabbing on to eleanor's boat